Geoffrey Baris

Studio, Five Deuces Galleria

2101 3rd Ave S.

St Petersburg, Fl. 33712

Mailing Address : 7930 1St Ave S.

St Petersburg, Fl 33707


Vision Statement

Many of my images are of water. Water is a constantly moving element, changing form, shape and color. With my camera, I capture a fraction-of-a-second, a glimpse into it's ever changing movement. It is through these windows of time, that I connect with the beauty of water's movement into form.

I use the camera to see another view of the real world, to explore hidden images that emerge from nature.The true essence of photography lies beyond pure sight; it goes deeper into the soul, past everything known as color and form. I like to think that my photographs are all real images of nature seen from this deeper place within myself. Here I am able to find my connection to my soul.

Commercial Fashion Photographer 1984-2005:

Worked with numerous advertising agencies, magazines and catalogues (Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, GQ, Nordstrom’s, LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, JC Penny, Lands End, Sears and Pendelton, Victoria’s Secret and others ).

Fine Art Photographer

Gallery Exhibitions 2005-2014:

Two images nominated for AbstractPhotographer of the Year